My Approaches

Integrative Life Consultation:

I believe that we all have inner wisdoms of which we have yet to fully access or become fully conscious. So, the foundation of my consultation work is to provide a safe, non-judgmental, understanding, and supportive environment where you can feel free to explore these inner wisdoms of your heart and mind, your body and spirit. Through peeling back the layers of the aspects of our lives lived habitually or on automatic pilot, we can get to the heart of our suffering and find an authentic and aware presence that offers a richer, healthier, more textured relationship with our selves, those important in our lives, and the world in general.

My intention is to meet you where you currently are without any agenda on my part other than assisting you in finding your way. This is true whether you are seeking relief from suffering, concerned by difficult emotions, wanting healthier or more rewarding relationships, wishing for greater well-being, yearning for a deeper connection to the sacred, or aspiring to be more actively involved in spiritual growth. In essence, I strive to keep one foot in your world in the form of attention, empathy, and unconditional presence. I also try to keep a foot in my own world so that I can skillfully and genuinely interact with you and connect with your experience as best I can through my own life history.

There are many means available in helping to reveal your own inner wisdoms. Mindful self-inquiry and dream work are briefly introduced below. Also available to you are insights from Western psychology, a variety of spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures, and energy work.

Ultimately, I believe a life well lived is a life consciously lived. Through greater conscious awareness, we make better choices and engage in life more fully. More conscious choices and engagement in life lead to a life of empowerment, meaning, and fulfillment. Empowerment, meaning, and fulfillment contribute greatly to an overall sense of contentment, peace of mind, spontaneity, and a more open heart.

Mindful Self-Inquiry:

The working of the heart/mind is fundamental in creating our suffering and our joy, and in the formation of our relationships with ourselves, those important to us, and our world. Gaining understanding as to how to heart/mind contributes to our daily living in ways both skillful and unskillful is therefore crucial if an individual wishes to live a life of greater health, quality of life, and satisfaction. Mindful self-inquiry is one of the methods that can help clients to see clearly and deeply into their mental processes and emotional experiences, providing them an avenue toward a freer, more positive, less constricted engagement in life.


Dreams are exciting, mysterious, and intriguing. Recognized as a “doorway to the soul” since recorded history and across a wide array of cultures, dreams have provided insight, support, alternative views of looking at situations, opportunities to try on new roles or experiences, and doorways to a heightened sense of spontaneity and creativity.

It is the symbolic nature of dreams that makes them both mysterious shadows and articulate, insightful, and compassionate messengers. Each of us has our own symbol system and personal mythology. Engaging in your dreams and therefore in your personal symbolism and mythology will deepen your understanding of your inner life and outer life circumstances. As such, I strive not to impose my interpretations of what I think your dreams mean upon you. What I do is employ a process of interviewing you about the contents of your dreams that will bring to light your own inner meanings and mythic story. During this interview, themes begin to emerge and you will be periodically invited to see if, and how, these themes make sense in your life and/or the lives of those near and dear to you.

Aspects of other forms of dreamwork will also be made available, including how to remember your dreams, Jungian archetypes, journaling, artistic exploration of dreams, and dream incubation. Dream incubation is a way of directly asking your dreams specific questions.