Bio Portrait


I was born in Missoula, Montana, raised in Ogden, Utah, and have subsequently lived in San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington before joyfully making Vancouver, British Columbia, my home.

When I was about 8 years old, I remember seeing a neighbor friend running across his lawn in a karate outfit. Something was triggered in me that quietly simmered until I graduated from high school. It was then that I made some friends who were involved in martial arts and through them I was introduced to a book on Buddhism which contained a psychological commentary by the famous Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. That book, and many that followed, served to inspire and direct my life toward a study of Eastern philosophy, Western psychology, and the perennial wisdoms of the world's great spiritual traditions and in particular toward the subtle and sublime power of meditation, various forms of energy work, and dream exploration.

I began my formal training in Western psychology, Buddhism, and Buddhist meditation in 1986 when I began coursework in the East-West Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies. I received my Ph.D. in 1995. Since my first quarter of school I have had the great privilege of extensively studying Buddhist philosophy and meditation with Dr. Rina Sircar. I have also pursued learning indigenous forms of wisdom with Dr. Angeles Arrien for over 20 years.

Professionally, I have worked extensively as a mental health practitioner in the field of HIV/AIDS, conducted a private counselling practice, and worked in a hospice program as a spiritual care counsellor. I have also taught courses on Buddhist psychology, Meditation, Dream Work, and Myth and Ritual at either the undergraduate or graduate school level and have been teaching meditation and qi gung privately for well over a decade.