Concerns You May Be Facing

I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds in a wide variety of professional settings. It is my constant intention to be attentive and sensitive in understanding each person’s unique needs and concerns.

Your areas of interest or concern might include:

  • ~ Depression, anxiety, or stress
  • ~ Grief and loss, death and dying, or chronic or terminal illness
  • ~ Caregiving
  • ~ Relationship or family issues
  • ~ Life transitions
  • ~ Self esteem and identity

Or, you might be experiencing a sense of:

  • ~ Spiritual or existential crisis or yearning for fulfillment
  • ~ The dark night of the soul

These experiences might include pervasive feelings of:

  • ~ An absence of Light
  • ~ Yearning for a deeper connection with the Sacred
  • ~ Loss of or longing for joy or heart and meaning
  • ~ Being caught by old, unsatisfying patterns of living
  • ~ Uncertainty as to who you are
  • ~ Being constricted, weighed down, trapped, or unable to move
  • ~ Struggling without breakthrough
  • ~ Restlessness, lostness, or lack of direction or place to fit in
  • ~ Hopelessness, disempowerment, or not being sure where you stand
  • ~ Uncertainty about what the future holds or how to shape it
  • ~ Lack of clarity regarding your vision or how to bring it to reality
  • ~ Boredom or emptiness

If you find you would like someone to talk with, please feel free to contact me.